Full Moon & the Canadian Rockies, 58 cm x 45 cm 
An amalgamation of several Rocky Mountain vistas here in Canada. 
Roar --  54" x 44".  This painting gives me inexplicable pleasure. 
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Charley Waters Art


ArtWork by Charley Waters
Shaman's Dream -- 60" x 70".  Completed to the standard I set for myself on March 16, 2020. 
New work, 45 cm x 60 cm.  As yet untitled.

 John Valentine, potter, and his Super-Scissors at the Ribbon-Cutting ceremony for new venture, Canvas & Clay Gallery.  Please use drop-down menu, "Painting on Pottery" to view our collaborative work.

My favourite 3 Horses have galloped off to a new wall.  December 17, 2019